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Celebrate National PE & Sport Week with these classroom resources from SHAPE America!


Title IX-Themed Activities

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Active at Home

Your students will love these videos from Coach Gelardi and Kyle Bragg (SHAPE America’s 2021 National Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year).

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Jr. NBA Physical Education Curriculum

NFL Flag Football Curriculum

Fun At Bat Physical Education Curriculum

Video Series: Interactive Lessons for HPE

Step into the classroom of health and physical education teachers across the nation.

National PE & Sport Week

SHAPE America's SEL-based health. moves. minds. program helps teachers inspire healthy habits, fuel active minds, and teach kids to thrive physically and emotionally. It also has flexible fundraising options so you can raise money for your HPE program ... and even a local charity!

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Join #ProjectACES in the “World’s Largest Exercise Class” on Wednesday, May 4 beginning at 10 a.m. EDT.

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