Adapted Jump Rope Ideas - Part I

With modifications, all students can participate in a JRFH event. Some possible modifications include these activities:

  • Imaginary Jump Rope. Who needs a jump rope? This way students can jump for extended periods of time and never miss!
  • Taped X on the Floor. Students do an "imaginary jump rope" on the X to increase coordination and control. 
  • Jump/Hop without moving off the X.
  • Jump/Hop on and off the X.
  • Jump/Hop back and forth over the X.
Single rope/line taped on floor
  • Jump/step/hop over the rope/line forward/backward/side/side.
  • Jump/step/hop over rope/line forward, then turn around and jump back.
  • Jump/step/hop back and forth down the length of the rope/line, then turn around and come back.
  • Wheelchair over rope/line forward/backward.
  • Pop a wheelie over the rope, then turn and back over it.
  • Lying on a scooter, push/pull the length of the rope/line.
  • Sitting on floor, legs parallel to rope/line, and hand on either side, perform upper body lift/press back and forth over line.
  • Crawl over the rope/line (hands and knees don't touch rope/line).
  • Roll, crawl or creep the length of the rope/line.
Taped lines on the floor (two or more in a series taped 3-5 feet apart)
  • Jump/step/hop forward over the lines to the end without stopping, then turn around and come back.
  • Jump/step/hop forward to the end, without turning.
  • Jump/step/hop backwards.
  • Jump/step/hop sideways to the end and then back.
Hula hoop taped on floor
  • Jump/step in and out forward/backward, side/side
  • Jump/step in, turnaround, jump out
  • Crawl in and out without touching hoop
Hula hoop hand held
  • Turn 360 degrees and jump/step over
  • Swing back and forth, jump/step over
  • Held vertically by partner/aid step through

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