November / December 2017



Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators

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  November/December 2017 (Volume 30, Issue 6)

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PE Ninja Warrior: Designing an American Ninja Warrior Unit for Physical Education – Laura Bruno & Anne Farrell

Regular participation in physical activity during childhood and adolescence is critical to the development of healthy habits that will continue into adulthood. Research suggests that children who lead sedentary lives are more likely to continue those habits later in life. A key goal of physical education (PE) is to educate students on the importance of being physically active, as well as improve fitness levels. Recent literature suggests that school PE classes do more on this front. This has prompted the need for creative approaches in the PE classroom. PE Ninja Warrior is an example of a creative method that aims to meet the needs of today’s youth. Based on the popular television show and trend, American Ninja Warrior, this article will highlight the implementation of such a program in PE, as well as identify and explain challenge course ideas.

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Championship Communication
– Beth VanDerveer & Betsy Butterick

This article discusses team development and focuses specifically on championship communication and team building activities. Team development takes time and the process typically occurs through stages of development.

Athlete Superstitions in Swimming: Beneficial or Detrimental?
– Joann Wakefield, Amber Shipherd, & Matthew Lee

The purpose of this article is twofold. The first is to discuss the role of superstitions in sport, specifically focusing on swimmers. The second is to provide suggestions for how coaches and other practitioners can monitor and address superstitions to best assist their athletes.

A Cause without a Rebel: The Rebranding of Forrest High School
– Jason Lee & Elizabeth Gregg

This article addresses branding challenges that were experienced when a divisive school name and visible identity elements proved to be a contentious issue impacting the community. The process leading up to an institutional rebrand, including detailing the associated rebranding process are be presented in the context of this article.

Kick, Stroke, and Swim: Complementing Your Swimming Program by Engaging the Whole Body on Dry Land and in the Pool
– Brent Heidorn, Susan Flynn, Kelly Duell, & Carole Dehaven

This article will provide techniques, strategies, and ideas for physical educators and learn-to-swim instructors, helping them engage swimmers at all levels.

Challenge Activities for the Physical Education Classroom: Affective Learning Outcomes
– Matthew Symonds, Emily McKenzie, Kevin Fink, & Tyler Tapps

The purpose of this article is to share three challenge-based lesson plans that can be implemented by physical educators in the physical education classroom.


Getting Kids Moving: A Schoolwide Approach
– Josh Van Pelt

This article looks at the reasons for physical inactivity and obesity in America’s youth, and suggests that establishing a comprehensive school physical activity program and a multi-component approach could help affect change.

Moving 50 Million Strong from Vision into Practice
– Kristine Fritz

The purpose of this article is to help health and physical education professionals to find specific ways to support and advocate for their disciplines while moving 50 Million Strong from vision into practice.

Strategies for Integrating Elementary Classroom Concepts and Physical Activity
– Ingrid L. Johnson, Vinny Abbate, & Rachael Chase

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the ease with which physical educators, or any other teacher in a school, can incorporate physical movement skills (physical literacy) while teaching reading, writing or any other content area at the same time.