Professional Development

SHAPE America Coaching Webinar Series

We put together an all-star cast of speakers who will talk on hot-button issues in the coaching profession. The keynote speaker, Brian Hainline, spotlights the series with his discussion on concussions. Please click here to check it out

Creating LGBT Inclusive Sports Teams

SHAPE America member and renowned advocate for inclusive sport environments, Professor Shawn Ladda presents this workshop for high school coaches and athletic directors to (1) help them understand how LGBT issues affect the high school sports climate and student participation in athletics, and (2) identify practical strategies for them to use to make athletics inclusive for ALL students. ACCESS THE PRESENTATION.

FREE Human Kinetics Coaching Leadership Webinar Series

Led by renowned coaching education expert and SHAPE America member Dr. Wade Gilbert, Human Kinetics Coach Education is proud to bring the coaching community this three-part series of leadership-focused webinars designed to help coaches understand what motivates them as coaches, how to draw the best out of their athletes, and how to build team cohesion. See below for the list of topics that will be presented.

Demonstrating Core Values and Clear Purpose in Coaching

The world's most successful coaches have a clear sense of why they coach (purpose) and the principles that guide their everyday actions (core values).The purpose of this webinar is to share examples of how successful coaches identify, articulate, and use their purpose and core values to create a strong foundation for leadership. WATCH IT HERE.

Putting Athlete's Interests First for More Powerful Coaching

Leadership styles in coaching are as diverse as the coaches themselves, yet a review of the research and coaching literature shows that the most effective coaches adopt an athlete-centered leadership style. The purpose of this webinar is to discuss how successful coaches apply athlete-centered leadership styles such as transformational, servant, and altruistic leadership approaches. WATCH IT HERE.

Cultivating Mutual Trust and Cohesion on Teams

Effective coach leadership results in quality relationships based on mutual trust. When athletes and coaches have trust and confidence in each other, they can focus their efforts on optimizing performance instead of being plagued by doubts and fears. The purpose of this webinar is to present strategies used by successful coaches to nurture trust and cohesion with their athletes that lead to increased enjoyment, satisfaction and performance. WATCH IT HERE.