Higher Education & Research

C.D. Henry Award

The C.D. Henry award provides the means through which SHAPE America recognizes essential contributions of its members who, through distinguished service: increase involvement of ethnic minorities in SHAPE America; increase communication with greater numbers of ethnic minority members; and extend meaningful services to SHAPE America ethnic minorities.


CSPAP Research SIG Innovative Paper Award

This award is given to the author(s) of a paper published in a refereed journal during the year prior to the SHAPE America National Convention. The winning paper must be specific to CSPAP (e.g., research, synthesis, theory, methodology), represent high level of scholarship, and hold the potential to significantly impact the field of physical education, physical activity and/or health education in schools.

Winning author(s) will be invited to present a SHAPE America webinar on a CSPAP topic of choice in the calendar year following the SHAPE America National Convention.


Curriculum and Instruction Honor Award

The Curriculum and Instruction Honor Award recognizes an outstanding professional for his/her exceptional contributions to research in the field of curriculum and instruction.


E.B. Henderson Award

E.B. Henderson was a noted author, teacher, coach, and administrator in the disciplines of physical education and athletics. The E.B. Henderson Award recognizes minority SHAPE America members who, through numerous years of proven dedication to scholarship, mentorship, and service to ethnic minorities, have increased involvement of ethnic minorities and/or underserved populations within their profession, SHAPE America, or society.


Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame Award honors outstanding individuals who make significant contributions to maintaining physical and health education, physical activity, dance and sport as important parts of the total educational program.


Helen M. Heitmann Young Scholar 

The Helen M. Heitmann Young Scholar Award recognizes an outstanding young professional for his/her exceptional contributions to research in the field of curriculum and instruction.


Honor Award

The Honor Awards are bestowed annually for meritorious service by members of SHAPE America and to the professions represented. The awards recognize contributions on the part of members of the association in two membership categories: "college and university" and "non-college and university."


Joy of Effort Award

The Joy of Effort Award honors individuals who, by performance and style, have personified the concept that the effort made to enrich the goals and objectives of health and physical education, physical activity, dance, and sport is a labor of love, inspired by commitment and dedication.


Julian U. Stein Lifetime Achievement Award

The Julian U. Stein Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a SHAPE America professional who best exemplifies Dr. Stein's leadership in teaching, mentorship, writing, speaking and volunteerism at all levels of professional involvement including higher education, as well as educational and community programming.


LeRoy T. Walker Young Professional Award

The LeRoy T. Walker Young Professional Award is given to a minority member of SHAPE America who is 36 years old or younger who has demonstrated superior promise in the areas of service, teaching, scholarship and commitment to the goals of SHAPE America focusing specifically on under-represented and/or underserved populations and promotion of diversity and inclusiveness. Not more than one LeRoy Walker Young Professional award shall be given annually.


Luther Halsey Gulick Award

The Luther Halsey Gulick Medal is awarded as the highest honor SHAPE America bestows in recognition of long and distinguished service to one or more of the professions represented in the Association.


Mabel Lee Award

The Mabel Lee Award recognizes younger members who have demonstrated outstanding potential in scholarship, teaching, and/or professional leadership. The Mabel Lee Awards are chosen in two membership categories, "college and university" and "non college and university."


Margie R. Hanson Elementary Physical Education Distinguished Service Award

The Margie Hanson Distinguished Service Award is awarded for service and educational contributions to physical education in the early childhood or elementary levels.


Measurement and Evaluation Honor Award

The Measurement and Evaluation Honor Award honors a SHAPE America professional who has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Measurement and Evaluation SIG and its mission.


Measurement and Evaluation Lifetime Achievement

The Measurement and Evaluation Lifetime Achievement Award honors a SHAPE America professional who has made a significant impact in enhancing the theory and scholarly application of measurement and evaluation in health and physical education.


Mentor of the Year

The Mentor of the Year Award is given to an outstanding role model who encourages student involvement in professional opportunities and provides exemplary academic and professional preparation advisement.


NAGWS Legacy Award

National Girls and Women in Sports (NAGWS) was founded in 1899 with the mission of increasing opportunities for girls and women in sport.


North American Society of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance Professionals

Established in 1999, the North American Society (NAS) recognizes outstanding professionals from within the allied professions of health education, physical education, recreation, sport and dance in North America.


Outstanding Physical Activity Leader Award

The Outstanding Physical Activity Leader (PAL) award recipient should exemplify leadership within the Physical Activity Leader (PAL) Learning System,and champion a comprehensive school physical activity program within their respective community.


R. Tait McKenzie Award

The R. Tait McKenzie Award is bestowed annually in recognition of distinguished service by members, which takes place outside the framework of SHAPE America but which reflects prestige, honor, and dignity on the association. The award was first bestowed in 1968. Not more than two McKenzie Awards may be presented each year.


Research Council Distinguished Service

The recipient of the Distinguished Service Award shall be a Member or Fellow in the Research Council who has demonstrated significant contributions to Research Council affairs for an extended period of time. This will usually consist of extensive service that has significantly impacted the Research Council.


Research Fellow of SHAPE America

Fellow status is reserved for members who have made significant and sustained contributions to scholarship (research, creative, or scholarly activity) and related service in the areas of interest to SHAPE America. The purpose of Fellow status is to promote scholarship as an integral component of SHAPE America as well as to:

  • Recognize accomplishments in scholarship by SHAPE America members
  • Recognize and promote participation in the research activities of SHAPE America


SHAPE America Scholar Award

The SHAPE America Scholar Award is presented in recognition of research/creative activities which enrich the depth and scope of health, leisure, sport, dance and related activities. The Scholar presents the annual Alliance Scholar Lecture at the site of the national convention. Not more than one Scholar Award shall be given each year.


Teacher Education Honor Award

The Teacher Education Honor Award honors exemplary, innovative work that impacts teacher education. The recognition is for a service, product, unique collaboration or contribution that benefits the profession.