School Reentry Considerations


K-12 Physical Education Distance Learning Supplement - High School

High School

National Standards for K-12 Physical Education Example Grade-Level Outcomes Example Activity Ideas/Strategies
1 (motor skills and movement patterns)
  • S1. H1 Lifetime activities
  • Tennis, badminton or other racket games
  • Dance, yoga, pilates
  • Outdoor pursuits
2 (movement concepts)
  • S2. H2 movement concepts principles and knowledge
  • Help someone learn a new skill
3 (health-enhancing fitness)
  • S3. H4 Physical activity knowledge
  • S3. H6 Engages in physical activity
  • S3. H14 Stress management
4 (responsible personal and social behavior)
  • S4. H1 Personal responsibility
  • S4. H2 Rules and etiquette
  • S4. H3/H4 Working with others
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Self-reflection assignments/assessments
  • Have students suggest classroom norms and contribute to class decisions
  • Create activities that allow for student leadership
5 (value of physical activity)
  • S5. H2 Challenge
  • S5. H3 Self-expression and enjoyment
  • Self-reflection assignments/assessments
  • Provide opportunities for reflection and discussion around the benefits of physical activity especially related to improving mood

Suggested citation: SHAPE America. (2020). School reentry considerations: K-12 physical education, health education, and physical activity. Reston, VA: Author.

The recommendations and strategies provided herein are obtained based on guidance for schools provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and national recommendations for physical education, health education, recess, and classroom-based physical activity. The COVID-19 outbreak is an ongoing, rapidly developing situation. Educators are encouraged to monitor publicly available information and to always follow federal, state and local health organization guidance and government mandates. This information may vary and will be updated as necessary.