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Welcome to the teaching profession!

Whether your goal is to find a job, a mentor or a volunteer opportunity in health and physical education (HPE) — student membership in SHAPE America makes a difference in your long-term career success. Take a look at some of the resources that can kick start your career.


SHAPE America is excited to offer year-round internships at our Reston, Virginia headquarters. Apply for an internship now



Mentor Match

Finding a great mentor can having a lasting, positive impact on your career. SHAPE America Mentor Match program offers members an opportunity to connect with colleagues who have skills, knowledge and experience to share. Log in to Exchange and enroll to find your mentor now.

Prepare for an Interview

Do you have a job interview coming up? Download SHAPE America's list of practice interview questions.These questions help administrators identify highly qualified physical education teachers. Prior to interviews, make sure to read the Essential Components of Physical Education

Join the Student SIG!

The Student SIG serves its members by fostering active student involvement and networking within SHAPE America and developing a community of students committed to the advancement of physical education, physical activity and health education.The SIG promotes opportunities for SHAPE America student members to participate in professional development and pursue and explore current interests/trends while participating in leadership and engagement opportunities to promote the profession. Interested in joining? Learn more here!

101 Tips for New Physical Education Teachers

Use the practical tips in this e-book to help you better understand the day-to-day world of a physical education teacher.



Fields of Study

Are you a high school student who loves sport and activity? A graduate who wants to change their career path?
Learn more about what the field of sport and movement studies has to offer you!