Resources for Health & PE Teachers

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) identifies school health and physical education (HPE) as part of a student’s well-rounded education, giving all HPE teachers an opportunity to elevate their program and gain support from their school and local community.

SHAPE America can help you build an effective HPE program that prepares all students to lead healthy and active lives.

Back to School Activities for HPE

Use these teacher-tested “getting to know you” activities to help create a supportive, welcoming environment for all your students. Many thanks to all of the teachers who shared their resources!

New Kindness Activities

SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds.® FUNdraiser helps you:

  • Gain more funds for your health and PE program;
  • Support a charity of your choice (optional); and
  • Build a kinder, healthier school community.

Download any of the sample activities below, then head to the health. moves. minds. website to learn more and register for the 2023-2024 school year.

How to Make This a Successful Year

Evaluate your program and instruction

Commit yourself to lifelong learning

Communicate your passion about the profession

New National Standards Coming Spring 2024!

Learn more about final opportunities to provide feedback during the revision of the National Physical Education Standards and National Health Education Standards.

National Physical Education Standards help ensure students have all the tools they need quote from debbie rose elementary p e teacher

More Funds for HPE

SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds.® FUNdraiser helps you gain funds for your health & PE program while teaching students about kindness, respect, and the importance of giving back to the community.