ToyTalk Tuesday is a biweekly series of interviews about topics in health and physical education from SHAPE America’s Teacher of the Year Partner Network. Each episode features tips and actionable resources from SHAPE America’s National and District Teachers of the Year.


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Talk to Us

Maureen chats with Lindsay Armbruster, 2015 SHAPE America Eastern District Health Teacher of the Year from Burnt Hills, NY. Julie and Lindsay discuss gratitude and why it is so important. Hear how Lindsay incorporates gratitude throughout the school year.

Michelle chats with Mary, 2016 Southern District Health Teacher of the Year, and Cassie 2018 Midwest District Health Teacher of the Year as they share assessment ideas in health and physical education.

Learn how LaDonda Porter, 2020 Southern District Teacher of the Year, took SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds. lessons and adapted them to make them virtual. You will have access to copies of her actual lessons to use with your classes as well as instructions on how to use the tools she used to virtualize your own health and PE lessons!


Mindfulness and Myself (Google Slides)

Virtual Health Moves Minds (Google Slides)

Demo Build A Structure (Google Slides)

Maureen chats with Melanie Lynch, 2016 SHAPE America Health Education Teacher of the Year, to discuss teaching sensitive subjects including easy-to-follow steps!